MWCHC’s Nashville clinic is located in a city with many colleges and universities attended by students from all over the world.  Recently, a parent living in Maryland received a call from her sophomore daughter who was experiencing female issues and at the same time was having an asthma crisis. The concerned mom who was hundreds of miles from her ailing daughter contacted MWCHC’s Medical Director Ida Michele Williams, MD, and described her daughter’s symptoms. Even though Dr. Williams was attending a training session that day, she instructed the mom to send her daughter to the clinic and she would make arrangements for her to be seen. 

Within the next couple of hours, the mom reported that her daughter had been treated at MWCHC and was back in her dorm room feeling great. She excitedly told her mom all about her clinic visit and that she really enjoyed Dr. Ashley Wood, the provider who had seen her. Dr. Wood made the student feel very comfortable and explained clearly her medical condition and the treatment plan that was needed. The student told her mom, “I really like Dr. Wood and I want her to be my new provider.” The mom no longer has to worry about her daughter getting the best possible medical care when she is away from home.

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