A healthier Nashville starts here.

We believe that part of our role in serving patients is to go beyond the walls of our centers and into our communities. These programs are designed to make health and wellness a part of your daily life.

Health Education

We believe health and wellness starts with our community. Get involved today to start your journey to your healthiest self.
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Health Insurance Enrollment Assistance

If you don’t have health insurance, we can help you find coverage that meets your healthcare needs and see if you qualify for financial assistance.
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Social Services

Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center has a Social and Community Service Manager who is here to assist patients who need us.
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Nutritional Support

The nutrition program at MWCHC provides group and one-on-one counseling and telehealth services for diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, weight management, pediatrics, and obstetrics. 
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Student Learning

MWCHC is committed to training the physicians, dentists, clinicians, and medical staff of the future thorough our top-notch Student Learning Programs.
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Workforce Training

MWCHC offers a 9-week on-the-job training workforce training program focused on the day-to-day operations of the medical and dental suites.
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