Dental Care

Dental services at the Clarksville location are suspended until further notice.

Our dental services give you something to smile about.

MWCHC offers a full range of dental care services, including dental exams and cleanings, teeth whitening, oral cancer screenings, dentures, partials, fillings, crowns, tooth extractions and root canals.

Smile on 65+

Smile on 65+ is a grant funded program for our patients over the age of 65. The program aims to provide quality dental services to our uninsured or underinsured senior patients who have certain financial limitations. For more information, please call our Dental suite at 615-327-9697.

Dental Care @ MWCHC

Given that periodontal disease is linked to other diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and oral cancer, we believe that comprehensive healthcare includes dentistry as a regular, integral part of primary patient care. Offering coordinated medical and dental services helps us to fulfill our commitment to complete care and helps our patients achieve and maintain their best possible health.