Patient Stories


When I took my shower on Tuesday, October 13, 2015, I felt something in my breast that I thought just wasn’t right. While getting dressed, I turned the television to Channel 5. I heard some breast cancer survivors talking about their journey with breast cancer. As I continued to listen a list of places to receive free breast screenings came across the screen. I noticed that Matthew Walker was one of the places listed. I am 45 years old and I have not had a breast screening in 10 years. I am employed, but uninsured. My sister died 2 years ago from breast cancer and my mother had cervical, but survived it. I decided to go to Matthew Walker and take advantage of the opportunity for the free breast screening.

When I walked into the lobby at Matthew Walker I was greeted by Ms. Marilyn Adams, the Breast Health Educator. I was really afraid and I had tears in my eyes, but Ms. Adams helped me to relax. Ms. Adams assured me that I had made the right choice to come in for a screening and that she would call for one of the Titan’s players to come to escort me to the Screening Day waiting area. In just seconds of Ms. Adams making the call, Titans player Quinton and some of the Matthew Walker staff arrived  to escort me to the waiting area.

In the waiting area, I was happy to see my supervisor from a previous  job. To my surprise there was a breast cancer survivor there also and she had been my brother’s classmate. I felt so much more at ease than when I arrived. Everyone I encountered was helpful, kind and reassuring. I received my Clinical Breast Exam which was followed by a mammogram. My results from the mammogram are normal and I am very, very relieved. I am happy and grateful that the Crucial Catch grant came to Matthew Walker.


I came to Matthew Walker when I moved to Nashville from New York about 20 years ago. I didn’t know where to take my family for healthcare when we arrived and someone I met recommended Matthew Walker. I didn’t know at the time that I would continue to get care here, but I have.  Matthew Walker is great because you truly provide comprehensive care – from medical and dental care to health education – and you treat me like a human being. I love my doctor, Dr. Gaskin. I always come in with a lot of questions and he answers me like a friend. I really trust him. And, your education programs, like Dial Down Diabetes, are tremendous. I didn’t know all this stuff about how to manage diabetes and take better care of myself, but through the program I have learned a lot. I feel like people know me and care about me at Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center.


Like a lot of men, I have not been one to go to the doctor unless I am really not feeling well. A few years back, I was working, but didn’t have healthcare coverage. I had some health concerns and asked a friend about where to go find a good doctor. She told me that Matthew Walker provides excellent care. So, I made an appointment. I saw Dr. Carswell. She is great! I had some questions after my appointment with her, and she not only called me back promptly, but she also emailed me some additional information. Because Matthew Walker offers everything under one roof, it feels like I am part of team that is helping me maintain good health.

Because I have also done community coordination for another agency, I have seen how Matthew Walker can help the whole person – from traditional healthcare to helping people find much-needed health insurance and community benefits – you really cover it all.


We met Ms. Webster at a Breast Health Education session in 2015. At 54, she had not yet had her first mammogram. She signed up for the 2015 NFL Crucial Catch Screening day, but did not show. In 2016, we went back to her neighborhood to talk about breast health and the need for mammography. Ms. Webster attended the session and spoke to our Community Outreach Coordinator, Marilyn Adams. She had found a lump and was very frightened. We provided her transportation and she came to our Nashville clinic for mammography at our Crucial Catch screening October 2016. She ended up staying for the morning to see our physicians and get a full health screening. We are happy to say that Ms. Webster is doing great!