If you’re uninsured, you may qualify to pay a reduced price for some services and treatments at our health centers. The exact amount you pay depends on your income and family size. This is the “Sliding Scale”. To qualify, you must bring in proof of your family’s income.

Our Mission

To provide quality healthcare services, health education and to promote wellness.

Our Vision

To be the provider of choice offering quality state-of-the-art healthcare services to our patients regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Commitment

We have over 100 dedicated professionals who are trained to provide you the best practices in health care. Since our inception, we have delivered quality medical and dental care and wellness education programs to each patient who needs health care, regardless of their economic status.  We renew our continued commitment to service each day.

Our Values

Customer Service:

Our focus is the patient. Every patient interaction is an opportunity to make a positive difference. Excellent service must be the end result of all our efforts. We will strive to provide services that exceed our patients’ needs, wants, and expectations.


We will maintain a strong sense of community outreach that enables us to be a catalyst for developing programs to address health and other community-related concerns.


We expect a clear and open exchange of information that will enhance understanding our patient needs, wants, and expectations.

Ethics, Honesty and Integrity:

We believe in a code of ethics that embodies mutual respect, fairness, and truthfulness.

Our Cost Model

Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center provides medical and dental services for everyone, the insured and the uninsured. For patients without insurance, fees will be based on income. A minimal co-payment is required at time of service.